Emoticon Name Shortcut
Superman [[superman]]
Domo [[250128751720149]]
Gumby [[172634792775561]]
Spongebob(1) [[334954663181745]]
Spongebob Face [[252585271419080]]
Squidward [[squidward]]
Mr.Krabs [[mrkrabs]]
Sandy [[107950785929863]]
Mrs.Puff [[255841784451619]]
Plankton [[plankton]]
Larry the Lobster [[353372551112]]
Chowder [[49239575354]]
Mung [[105412836215690]]
Kimchi the Fart Cloud [[278204581010]]
Gir [[127734003956294]]
Dora [[dora]]
  Barney [[barney]]

   Elmo  [[elmo]]
   Big Bird  [[bigbird]]
   Cookie Monster [[cookiemonster]]
   Winnie The Pooh  [[winniethepooh]]
   Tigger [[tigger]]
  Arthur [[PBSArthur]]
 PeeWee Herman [[PeeweeHerman]]
 Hello Kitty [[hellokitty]]
 The Power Puff Girls [[ThePowerpuffGirls]]
 Naruto  [[104696320253]]
 Goku (Dragonball)  [[43985111513]
 Goku (Dragonball Z) [[179412035432554]]
   Hetalia [[118851214841634]]
 Sailor Moon  [[52945463402]]
Ponyo  [[PONYO]]
 Teletubbies  [[119960411370345]]
BooBah  [[151959596479]]
 Lego  [[LEGOGROUP]]
Charlie Sheen  [[charliesheen]]
 David Hasselhoff (The Hoff)  [[davidhasselhoff]]
Donald Trump [[217104144968122]]
 Randy Jackson  [[RandyJacksonNext]]
Nyan Cat (1) [[291720597536078]]
 Nyan Cat (2) [[118714951545229]]
 Ash and Pikachu  [[PokemonWorld]]
 Pikachu  [[326134990738733]]
 Poke Ball  [[236147243124900]]
 Angry Birds  [[166456416741199]]
 Mario  [[300983063279872]]
 Super Mario  [[supermario]]

 Mario Kart  [[mariokart]]
 Sonic the Hedgehog [[sonic]]
 Doraemon  [[155393057897143]]
 Norbita  [[224502284290679]]
 Shin Chan  [[196431117116365]]
Papa Smurf [[124839657530642]]
 LLama  [[llamafans]]
 Trippy Eye  [[Hungry.Eyeball]]
 Money  [[35833778275]]
 Derp  [[224812970902314]]
 Kontana Izumi [[249199828481201]
Pedo Bear  [[148935948523684]]
 Smirk  [[333708903307152]]
 Hmmm [[134695813311979]]
 Mysterious [[208551699231052]]
 WTF [[243002845770158]]
 Shock  [[274914629225060]]
Crazy  [[144264815683239]]
 M  [[100003277310675]]
 A [[100003252111881]]
 H  [[100003281300913]]


  1. isha singh

    actually remembring those big nos for such small smileys is impossible for me so it would have been more better if they wuld be having those 2 square brackets in the starting and the end with the emoticons name in between

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