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Here you can find a complete list of all our small Facebook smileys as well as their name and the simplest shortcut. Facebook smileys and Facebook emoticons are great for communicating what words can’t. Find out more about how to use them in the blog or download the app to use them on your iPhone! If you’re look for ascii Facebook Smileys we have a separate page just for them here

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Make sure to bookmark this page to keep up with updates! Download the iPhone application to get iPhone smileys on the go! And make sure to let us know about your favourite smileys and which ones you’d like to see in the future in the comments below.


  1. Cassie Crosman

    Awesome :) I just wish that Facebook would make the small emoticons a bit bigger but oh well.

    P.S. Not that it really matters but you spelled “Zeppelin” wrong but I’m probably the only one who cares since they are my favorite band of all time. xD

  2. Cassie Crosman

    Led Zeppelin is amazing. <3

    Keep making more emoticons and posting! It's sad how only there's only a few emoticons if any that people know how to make, it's up to sites like this one and Facebook pages that spread the word though legitimate websites like this one tend to get more popularity than Facebook pages which is why I want a site but can't afford one.

  3. ebam

    Perhaps a really dumb comment, but how do I use these? I copied the codes and pasted them to post on fb where I wanted to use them, but…nothing. Only the code showed. What am I doing wrong?

    1. admin

      Hmm. Not a dumb question at all :) A lot of the new emoticons like the cartoons and stuff will only work in Facebook Chat so if you’re trying to use them anywhere else they probably won’t work. If theyre still not working in Facebook chat then make sure that there are TWO brackets on either side like this [[123456789]]

      Hope that helps!

  4. Aldrin X

    The Big Troll Face is the Best all of my friends are now annoying me a little hahahahaha thanks for makin’ the BIGGG Troll Face It’s like A big Pokemon Snorlax XD

  5. Lok

    hey i found sumthin new if u put 2 square braket ( [ ) and write a fb acnt name without any symbols dhen close da bracket by putin 2 square bracket ( ] ) in fb it’ll come out as da profile pic of da fb acnt…

  6. Lok

    hey check these out
    [[firefox]] : firefox logo
    [[opera]] : opera logo
    [[internetexplorer]] : internet explorer logo
    [[google]] : google logo ( not googlechrome )
    it works i triple checked it try it out.

  7. Max

    Hey, there are at least one and probably more symbols which aren’t here.

    If you type :poop: you make a turd and you can use it everywhere, not only in the chat. Try to look up if there’s more than the turd smiley missing :)

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